SleepHack Mattress + Beddit Sleep Tracker

SleepHack Mattress + Beddit Sleep Tracker

SleepHack Mattress + Beddit Sleep Tracker


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Experience perfectly engineered sleep for the very first time. 

Your SleepHack mattress is the product of advanced technical thinking and intuitive design. Cool. Responsive. Supportive. And your purchase is protected by our 100-night money back guarantee and a 10 year product guarantee.

Standard delivery of the mattress is free within the UK. We'll deliver it straight to your door vacuum packed in its box. Then simply unpack and let it return to full size in minutes!

More Details

More Details
  • Dimensions

    Single: 90cm x 190cm x 25cm
    Double: 135cm x 190cm x 25cm
    King Size: 150cm x 198cm x 25cm
    Super King: 180 x 198 cm x 25cm
  • Temperature Control

    Our unique base structure with airflow technology combines with the 2,000 micro coils and the fine-cell structure top layer with a cooler feel to deliver superior temperature control.
  • Variable Support

    Our 7 zone base structure and unique Viscofoam top layer work in tandem, adapting to your body shape and position. This gives you the support where you need it without sucking you in like traditional memory foam.
  • Delivery

    Free UK delivery within 3 working days.
    Delivered to your door in a box 106.6cm x 50cm x 50cm
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