Below is a shortcut to some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis, but if the answer you're looking for isn't there please get in touch.

How is the mattress delivered?

Because of the way the mattress is designed and engineered we can deliver the mattress in a box measuring only 50cm x 50cm x 105cm. Simply unpack it and let it return to full size in minutes! Delivery is within 3 days for orders placed before 15:30 GMT.

What is the 100 night guarantee?

We’re confident that the SleepHack mattress will improve your sleep. We recommend you spend 30 nights with your new mattress to get used to it, bu if during the first 100 nights, you don’t feel the benefit, we’ll gladly reimburse you. Find out more

Why is there only one model?

We’ve applied all our thinking and technical know-how to the design of the SleepHack mattress. It’s the only mattress we make, because we think it’s the only mattress you’ll need, whatever position you sleep in or support you need.

Is a SleepHack mattress soft, medium or firm?

The unique base structure has 7 different zones of support which work with the 2,000 micro-coils and the Viscofoam layer to provide support where you need it, whilst also adapting to your body shape and position to deliver comfort and enhanced rest.

If a SleepHack mattress is so well engineered why is it the price it is?

That's an easy question. Our mattress is designed and manufactured in the UK. Your order comes direct from the factory with no other costly expenses such as showrooms, distribution networks or sales people. This means that all the money goes into delivering the best engineered mattress on the market for a fraction of the price of some 'high end' mattresses.

Can I clean the mattress?

Yes, but you should not use detergents or chemical cleaners on your mattress as this may damage the covering material on the non-removable cover. Our mattress have a zip for manufacturing use only and are not removable.

What should I do with my old mattress?

Unfortunately we can't take your old mattress away. Don't if you can't get down to your local recycling centre, you can contact your local council and arrange collection for a small fee. Alternatively some charites may come and take it off your hands. Find out more

What's the difference between a SleepHack mattress and a memory foam mattress?

Whereas a memory foam mattress can feel like it sucks you in, offering little support and making you too hot, the SleepHack mattress gives you the support where you need and helps regulate your body temperature - key to a good night's sleep.

What sort of bed frame do I need with a SleepHack mattress?

The mattress will work with any type of bed frame. The key is that the surface is flat and firm enough, so if you have a slatted bed frame make sure there are no big gaps in between the slats.
The only bed frames that aren't really compatible are orthopaedic frames or those which tilt and raise.

How do I return a SleepHack mattress?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your SleepHack mattress within the first 100 nights we will arrange collection and a full refund. Simply get in contact with us at