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Here at SleepHack we're very proud of our mattress. We think that the time and effort that has gone into engineering it will provide you with the best night's sleep, but we wanted to go one step further and test this in the real world.
  • The SleepHackers

    The SleepHackers

    To help conduct this test we have teamed up with Beddit, the most comprehensive and accurate sleep tracker on the market, to get a complete picture of how people sleep and how the SleepHack mattress can deliver a better night's sleep.

    We've recruited volunteers and provided them with the Beddit technology to track their sleep paterns on their existing mattress and then again when they've switched to a SleepHack mattress! We will also be asking our volunteers to keep a sleep diary and provide video updates of how they're getting which you can view below.

SleepHackers Diaries


"Qualitatively, this mattress feels significantly better. It’s so much more comfortable and supportive than the previous one."


"One of my favourite parts about the SleepHack mattress was the simplicity, easiness of ordering, the delivery in a box... it was so easy and it was absolutely no fuss whatsoever."


"Beddit thinks that I sleep better on the new mattress... and I would definitely agree with Beddit."


Adam’s sleep time increased by over 8 minutes.

David reduced his awake time by an average of almost 7 minutes and improved his overall sleep score by 8%.

Yassen improved his sleep efficiency by more than 4% and drastically reduced the amount of time he was awake each night.

Beddit result
About Beddit

More About Beddit

The Beddit3 sleep tracker is an ultra thin sensor which sits invisibly and unnoticed on top of the mattress with no need to wear any special device. The sensor connects to the app on your smartphone and collects data on humidity, temperature, heart rate and force allowing the measurement of sleep time, sleep cycles, breathing cycles, snoring events, as well as the amount of restless sleep an ratio of light/deep sleep.

We've teamed up with Beddit because we believe it will give the most accurate and comprehensive insight into how a SleepHack mattress can improve your sleep and make a difference to your wellbeing.

  • Free Sleep Tracker for 50 'SleepHackers'

      Free Sleep Tracker for 50 'SleepHackers'

      We're giving away Beddit3 sleep trackers worth over £100 to 50 SleepHack customers. Buy a beautifully engineered SleepHack mattress today and you could secure yours.

      Simply add a Beddit sleep tracker to your basket then enter code 'BEDDIT50' at the checkout.

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      Free Sleep Tracker for 50 'SleepHackers'

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    SleepHack Mattress

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